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Rectal prolapse in Houston is when the weakening of the ligaments and muscles holding the rectum in place allow  the rectum to slip down and sometimes outside the rectum.  It is not uncommon for many people to seek the advise of a Houston colon surgeon when they are in any stage of a rectal prolapse.

Three are three stages of rectal prolapse:

  • Full-thickness rectal prolapse – the entire rectum protruding through the anus -in extreme cases part of the intestine may slip out of the rectum also
  • Mucosal prolapse – where the rectal mucosa, instead of the entire wall, is falling
  • Internal intussusception – the rectum falls but does not complete leave the anus

The primary cause of collapse is attributed to a low fiber diet and many years of straining during bowel movements.  The condition is most common among older women and young children.

Houston rectal prolapse patients may be advised by their doctor to begin a high fiber diet and begin take medication to treat constipation along with stool softners.

If the prolapse has advanced, there may be a need for surgery.  There are two basic types of corrective surgery for rectal prolapse:

  • Perineal proctectomy  - the surgeon removes the prolapsed portion of the rectum by making a n incision in the protruding section
  • Abdominal or Sigmoid resection – the surgeon goes through the abdomen and removes the sigmoid colon, which is the part of the intestine closest to the rectum

Many advances have been made in rectal prolapse surgery in Houston, making the procedures more exact and post surgical recovery shorter.  A consultation with your surgeon to discuss how advanced your prolapse has become will determine what course of action if best for you.

Under the direction of Houston colorectal surgeons, the medical professionals at Houston’s Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy Center, are experts in the treatment of rectal prolapse through therapy from multiple disciplines.  For treatment of all types of pelvic organ prolapse visit the website of this pelvic health center in Houston.

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